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A profound respect for history and an eye to the future

Allegheny Restoration restores historic building components and entire structures dating back to the late 1700s. The firm also uses that expertise to bring high-quality craftsmanship and building techniques to modern projects. In every case, Allegheny projects are built to endure and be appreciated long into the future.

With locations in WV and OH, the firm practices its craft all over the country. Allegheny works closely with clients and architects to achieve the most accurate restoration and preserve each project’s unique details and historic integrity. When original existing materials are deteriorated and not able to be reused, Allegheny has the craftsmen and millwork facilities to match each architectural detail to reflect the component’s original form, both functionally and historically.

As architect Michael Mills, AIA, of the Mills Group in Morgantown, WV, said:

I regard Allegheny Restoration as a truly “honest broker” in restoration contracting. Their team possesses the knowledge and expertise to dig through the historic fabric of a structure and determine the feasibility of its repair and restoration. They also have the skill and technological know-how to do the job right the first time ...

Established in 1991, Allegheny Restoration has developed a broad array of capabilities that include:

  • A range of state-of-the-art restoration techniques
  • Combining modern epoxies and adhesives with traditional joinery methods
  • Repair and/or restoration of wood windows, doors and architectural components
  • Custom millwork for both interior and exterior applications
  • Complete structural preservation and restoration services, including stabilization
  • Consulting services for historic structures
  • General contracting on both historic and modern projects.

Whether it’s restoring Edith Wharton’s famous home, The Mount, saving West Virginia’s historic covered bridges or working on the new and elegant Silver Tree Suites, Allegheny is doing its best to preserve our history for tomorrow’s generations.


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